Paladin - Doing it Right!

April 5, 2005 - I talked with the good folks at Paladin, who have been one of the most supportive companies of our reviews! In general, Paladin puts out some great tapes! I was pleased to hear the following from one of their people:

"Of note to the people who read your reviews; As of March 2005 Paladin's satisfaction guarantee includes DVDs and Videos. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just return the product(s) in like-new condition for a prompt refund or credit, no questions asked."

Due to their great tapes, Satisfaction Guarantee, and having supported The Reviews without question, we are giving them the designation of being a "5 Star Company" to deal with!

So don't ever hesitate to try a Paladin tape!

Congratulations Paladin!!! I have a feeling your going to be one of the ONLY companies that does this, because you KNOW you're products are of high value, worth it, and NO ONE will likely take you up on your Satisfaction Guarantee!

* Note to our fans*

Please be aware that some information on each of our reviews may not currently be accurate. I can assure you it was when each review was originally posted. So should you be unable to locate a company through the physical address, website address, phone number, or email address we show, or should their pricing on their tapes change, please don't blame us. We have no control over the changes these companies make, nor how often they make them. Should you be unable to find a company whose products we've reviewed, please, don't contact us about that. I sometimes get 2-3 requests about that per day. I do not have any kind of "handy reference" that provides up-to-the-minute info for all 50+ companies we're dealing with. 99% of the time these companies forget to contact me about their changes, and so when they do change, I don't even have a way of reaching them. If you can't locate a company, my best suggestion would be for you to go to a search engine and try finding them that way.

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