Company: Blauer Tactical
Tape Name: ABC's of Street Attacks
Tape Cost: $60.00
Length of Tape/Time: 2 hours
Number of Moves/Techniques: Concept training video
Return Policy: Conditional Refund Policy ( See web site )
Experiences in dealing with this company: 3 -4 week delivery time
The Instructor: Tony Blauer
Company's Address: PO Box 278,Westmount, Quebec, Canada, H322V5
Company's Phone Number: 514-482-1643
Web Page:

Main Grading Criteria

Production/Tape Quality: 8
Instructors demonstrated skill level: 10
Comprehension Score: 10
Degree to which this will make someone a better Martial Artist: 9
Degree to which we would recommend this product: 10
Score on delivery vs hype: 10
Wasted Time (The higher the number, the less " fluff ") 10
Playback Score/Watching it over-and-over again): 10
Would I purchase more of this company's products: 10
Overall grade based on cost vs value: 10

Grand Total: 97 % ( Excellent = 4.25 Stars )

Secondary Grading Criteria

Beginners: Excellent
Intermediate: Excellent
Advanced: Excellent
Time to benefit: Immediate
The need to buy additional tapes to understand this one: None

Written Summary:

It's no secret that we are big fans of Tony Blauer's work but this tape is outstanding, even by Mr. Blauer's standards. Mr. Blauer is a pioneer in addressing the psychological aspects of street confrontations and in this video, he gives us an in depth look at some of the concepts that he has brought to the martial arts arena. This is not a how to punch, how to kick, etc, video. It is much more. There are so many fundamental concepts discussed on this video that I really cannot cover all of them in a brief video review. The tape is shot at a seminar where Mr. Blauer is addressing a class of students, much like a college classroom. The format is basically Mr. Blauer lecturing to the class about his work but it is informal with audience participation encouraged. This is more than a martial arts tape but martial artists will probably gain the most from watching and implementing the concepts that Mr. Blauer introduces. There may be others in the martial arts world who know and teach this material but as far as I know, Tony Blauer is the only one who teaches it to the public via the video medium. SOME of the material taught in this video are the victim/victor mindset, the bodyguard principle, preprogramming your survival instincts, how to deal with the fear response, verbal assault training, mental flexibility in dealing with street attacks, and the importance of body language. To get maximum benefit from this video, it must be watched many times and the concepts that Mr. Blauer introduces must be incorporated into training for them to be most effective. The material on this tape will help martial artists to bridge the gap between their martial arts training and the reality of dealing with street self defense situations.

I consider this video a must have for martial artists of any skill level. In fact, I really consider it a must have for everyone, whether they are martial artists or not. Tony Blauer's work is the missing link for which many martial artists have been searching.


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