Criticizing the Critics!

Neophytes, amateurs, dilletants, cowards, con artists, scam artists, frauds, bullshitters, liars, non fighters, and pseudo intellectuals. These are just a FEW of the names that we at MAVR have been called in the last year since we began reviewing martial art videos at our web site. Our martial art lineage has been questioned, our fighting skills have been impugned, and our ability to speak and write in English has been maligned. But we press on. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. At least now, but before MAVR, there was no unbiased source of information concerning martial arts videos. Perhaps that is why we have caused so much grief to so many big names in the martial art world. We have inadvertently tipped over the apple cart and upset the quiet " balance of power " that exists between the big name martial artists/video companies and their lackeys in the martial art publishing industry. Sorry. ( Not really ). We have turned the bright light of truth on some of the comically fraudulent people who pose as grandmasters, comic book martial artists ( the " bouncer in the biker bar " myth/fantasy ) and phoney baloney tough guys. We're still sorry ( Not really ). The more I think about it, no wonder some of these guys send us nasty e mails, threatening us with the " ass kicking we deserve " and on and on and on. Yawn. Our collection of menacing e mails is actually quite funny and should make for an interesting posting some day.

To the consumers who read our site and to the people who have supported us in what we have tried to do, I want to say thank you. Despite our critics, we will keep trying to do the best job we can do. We have never claimed to be the final word on any thing. Our reviews our only our opinions, nothing more. But certainly nothing less.


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