Don't Believe the HYPE!

I was sitting here thinking, while answering a couple of emails, "Why is it people keep buying all these martial arts training videos that make outlandish claims"? One video instructor even goes as far as to claim, "Watch my videos and in a couple of hrs you can kick anyones butt, guaranteed!". Various others don't come right out and say that, but imply, via all kinds of name dropping (military, etc), and using titles such as "How to Win any Fight", that their system is the one that will put all others to shame. My question is this? Just how many of these unbeatable systems are there? And if 2 of them go up against each other, which one will win? Surely they both won't! Sounds to me, if one came out ahead, the others not unbeatable! So what does it take to get these unbeatable systems to challenge one another? And why don't they do that? Hmm, I wonder why? Could it be the fear of lost revenues if their system is "shown up"? Can you spell H-Y-P-E?

All this brings up a VERY long list of questions in my mind, a few which I'll touch upon briefly. The main one being: "Why do people believe the HYPE?"

1. Could it be people, by nature, look for the easiest way to accomplish something?

Well this certainly seems likely. If we all could wish for $1,000,000 and get it, versus working for it, which one would you rather do? Does watching 2hrs of a UFC tape, or a Tyson fight guarantee you can step in the ring and win?

2. Could it be some people tried another art, got bored, or their butt kicked?

I've seen boring teachers make what they teach even more boing, and I've heard of people getting their butt kicked trying to use some art they really weren't proficient in, or where the classes were too easy.

3. Could it be some tried an art, got discouraged, and now want a short cut?

I can understand some people working hard to be "world class" for a long time and never getting close to it. As they become discouraged and start looking for answers, surely there's some short cut they feel they've missed, right? WRONG! There aren't any short cuts. Every art takes hard work, effort, and mainly a consistent, challenging and aggressive training program.

4. Could it be some people think that there really is mysticism in the arts, and that someone has a real secret they're not sharing with everyone else, that could instantly make someone a world class fighter?

Guess what, there is no instant secret, or magical/mystical thing that can immediately turn you into Superman. Having 20 yrs of martial arts experience, and knowing tons of black belts, and masters, I can assure you of this one!

5. Could it be that folks have extra money left over each month and they don't know what to spend it on, so they buy videos?

Hey, if so, let me know, we could sure use a few donations so we can purchase and bring you reviews of some titles certain controversial people won't send us!

Out of over 400 videos I've seen, which is probably more than 99% of the 1,000,000 martial artists in the U.S. own, combined with 20 years in the martial arts, I can tell you that as it stands right now, I've yet to see any system that I feel is 100% unbeatable!

And this isn't even counting other very controversial titles that we've yet to review, but guess what, we've got several more of them, and they're coming! Heck, if anyone really wants to know, out of all the hype we've had to go through, and stuff we've had to watch, which videos we HIGHLY recommend, go to:

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