The Jerks behind the Tapes

There are a couple of HUGE tape companies, whose tapes we haven't reviewed, that have some real jerks running the show for them. Now I'm not going to name names, but I do think it's important to let you, our readers, know why we haven't done any reviews of their stuff. A couple of these companies have some real egotistical hot heads running their show. A couple of the supposed high ranking martial artists running these companies don't conduct themself in what I'd call a professional manner. Two companies in particular have cussed us out for simply asking permission to review their stuff. Another owes us money/compensation for some services we provided them, and that company refuses to pay us. Please be aware that just because you think a certain tape series is done by a big name, who everyone talks about and buys tapes from, that doesn't always mean the people behind the name are honorable, honest, forthcoming, and professional, or that should you have issues with them they will treat you any better than they've treated us.

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