Help Wanted

As you know the reviews are presently a free public service for the martial arts community. I get countless emails each week telling me how much many of you like the reviews. But what's sad is no one is helping us. And for this site to look good and prosper, we really need your help.

The reviews have gotten HUGE. There are currently over 200 pages on this website, and it's growing monthly. By next year, we think it will be over 400 pages. With that many pages, and this big of a website, we'd like to start cleaning it up a little, making it look a little nicer and neater.

So if any of you can voluteer a little bit of your time and skill, to help with the following, please let me know:

1. Cartoonist: Someone that can draw funny little things in computer files, or can get them scanned under 50K, that are martial arts related, for our articles, pages, etc. We want to liven things up a bit. This could be your big break and chance to get noticed!

2. Graphic Artist: Need someone who can design logos, banners, buttons, headers, backgrounds, etc.

3. Recon: We need people that can scour the internet, and magazines, etc., find and let us know about email addresses for anyone and everyone that markets martial arts instructional videos.

4. Reviewers: Other martial artists, with preferably large tape collections, that can help us do reviews.

5. Writers: We now have an articles section at MAVR that is meant to discuss any and all topics having to do with martial arts videos. If you have a topic that interets you, send it, we'll accept freelance articles. I'm also very interested in hearing from ex-employees of certain video companies, along with their thoughts and opinions of things.

6. Promoters: We need people that can go out on the internet, to all the search engines and martial arts links, and get us listed on these.

7. Web Consultants/Designers: We need people that know Java, CGI, and other high end languages to tell us, and help, re-design our pages, index pages, etc, so they look good.

8. Loaners: We desperately need our fans, especially those that like our reviews, see value in them, and have tapes we haven't reviewed, to let us borrow what they have. Several tape companies are reluctant to send us tapes for our reviews. That's not fair to the martial arts community, and it makes it very difficult for us to try and completely review all the various martial arts tapes that are out there. We'd like to briefly borrow your tapes to do more reviews. If you could help us, let us know. I promise we won't rip you off, and we return everything we borrow.

9. Email List: We'd like to create an email, sign up list, at our website that allows people to put in their email, and whenever we do a new review, or update our pages, we can email a note to our fans and let them know this.

10. Sponsors/Advertising/Merchandising: We'd like to hear ideas about sponsors, advertising and merchandising. This is a very delicate issue, that unfortunately I think we'll have to look into. However, I am very reluctant to have ANY direct involvement with any tape manufacturer. I don't want dollars to have any influence over us doing unbiased reviews. There is a considerable expense every month that I incur in postage just sending videos back and forth to all our various reviewers and fans, this webpage costs money to keep going each month with our ISP, and we want to look at acquiring our own domain name, and possibly start a fund that allows us to buy "new hot tapes", so we can review them for you. Our website, the past 4 weeks, has had about 1000 hits per week. That's 4000 visits a month. Surely, with that kind of traffic, there are opportunities for us that will allow us to bring in a little money and cover our expenses, grow the site, and acquire tapes from reluctant contributors.

11. Strategic Thinkers: We need people to advise and let us know what direction we should take the reviews and this project.

12. Director/Directors: We need people who can help coordinate all these tasks, and the various people involved in each of them.

13. New Web Site: We'd like to eventually move this site away from the UFS site, and have it be on it's own server with a different ISP. If anyone knows where we can get about 5 MB of space each month for free, using our present page format, let us know.

Click here if you can help us with any of these positions

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