Most Requested Videos

I'm often convinced by the emails I receive, that many Video Companies don't truly understand their consumers needs! If they did, I wouldn't keep getting the same emails over-and-over again. These emails keep asking "What video would you recommend for...?" Therefore, I've decided to list these topics, in the hope that a Video Company will take notice, and do something about it!

1. Tackle/Bull Rush - Defenses, variations, and drills to practice this
2. Knife Slash - Defenses and drills for RAPID slashing (not brandishing or stabbing)
3. Illegal Grappling Techniques - How to Beat a Grappler
4. Developing a Fast and Powerful SideKick
5. Karate Workout Routines - Punch/Kick follow-along (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
6. Rear Choke Escapes/Counters

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