Company: Abel Bodies Fitness
Video Name: 5 Day Met Training
DVD Cost: $197.96
Length of DVD: 4 hours
Number of Moves: NA
Return Policy: NA
Instructor: Scott Abel
Company Address: 27-2155 Horizon Drive Kelowana BC, VIZ 3Z8
Company Phone Number: 250-769-2051
Web Page:

Primary Grading Criteria:

Production Quality: 10
Instructors demonstrated skill level: 10
Comprehension Score/Immediate Understanding: 10
Degree to which this will make someone a better Martial Artist: 10
Score on Delivery Vs Hype: 10
Degree to which you would recommend this product: 10
Wasted time (The Higher the number, the less “Fluff “/repetition): 10
Playback score/watching it over and over again: 10
Would I purchase more of this company’s products: 10
Over all grade on Cost vs Value: 10

Grand Total: 100% (Excellent = 5 Stars)
Secondary Grading Criteria:

1. Beginners benefit:
2. Intermediate benefit:
3. Advanced benefit:
4. Time to benefit:
5. The need to buy additional tapes to understand this one:

Written Summary:

When I came across Scott Abel’s website I was somewhat familiar with him. He is well known as a great trainer of top bodybuilders. He has traveled the world training champions and is a leader in the fitness industry. I saw he had come up with a program called the 5 day Met ( Metabolic Enhancement Training ) program. Scott combines traditional weight exercises with speed work and functional training. I had a hunch that his work would apply to martial arts, especially MMA training and grappling in particular. I contacted Scott who very humbly replied that he wasn’t sure if his DVDs were geared towards our core audience. I am here to tell you that they are excellent. It will get you super strong and conditioned at the same time. As Scott says it’s not strength and then conditioning it’s strength and conditioning. You are tapping into all your energy systems at once, aerobic and anerobic. Scott clearly gives you a five day program and personally demonstrates all the workouts in real time. The DVDs are all professionally shot and I really felt that this was a program that would take me to the next level. The good part of this system is that you can tweak it to make it more applicable to your martial art. The basic concept is that you are working in all planes of motion. You are building strength, balance, core, and proprioception, attributes that you need to fight and to win. This DVD set has my highest praise. Go out and buy it!

Rick Weisbrot - NY Reviewer

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