Peterson Questions

As everyone has probably figured out, I have alot of questions about SCARS. Here's my list of questions I wish Peterson would answer. Personally, I don't think he'll provide answers. Maybe I'm wrong!

In the meantime, if anyone can think of additional questions we should ask, that are reasonable and not too rude, let us know, we'll add them to the list.

And hey, if Jerry answers ALL THE QUESTIONS, doesn't pick and choose his favorites, and doesn't use profanity or something, we'll be happy to post his answers.

In what capacity did you serve your country in Vietnam? What was your actual position in Charlie company?

When exactly did you begin your martial arts training and who was it under?

What styles have you formally studied?

What instructors, specific names, did you study under?

Did you ever study Kung Fu San Soo under Master Bill Hulsey? If so, when, and for how long?

Do you and Master Hulsey still talk? Is the relationship between you "good"? When was the last time the 2 of you talked?

Your ads imply that SCARS was licensed to the SEALS, what were the terms of that agreement, specifically for how long, who was to be trained (BUDS, Seal instructors, Seals themselves?), etc.

Are you the current, exclusive, and full time fighting trainer to the Navy Seals, right now? Were you ever?

Is SCARS in the process of being dropped, or phased out by the SEALS?

If so, when did this phasing out begin, and why?

And, who specifically decided to cancel SCARS? (names)

What military groups are you trying to license SCARS training too, and why?

Lew Hicks says at his website:

a. SCARS is not used at all in today's Navy SEAL Teams.
b. Scars had only a limited and separate teaching.
c. Scars has been banned from the Teams, and its developer ( who had merely changed the name "Kung Fu" to Scars) has been black balled for lying in his advertisements.
d. Very few Navy SEALs ever took the Scars course-it's use was limited to BUDs students who were not yet SEALs

Could you please comment on each of those statements?

It is rumored that you pursued legal action against Lew Hicks, is that true, why did you do that, and what was the outcome?

Do you really feel a person can win EVERY fight using SCARS, against any opponent, and if so why?

Are there any circumstances, at all, in which a person might not react in a predictable way to certain strikes or blows?

Whose idea was it to do a SCARS article in BB magazine, yours, BB's, or Borkland's?

Did you pay Mr. Borkland, or compensate him in any way, to write your recent article in Black Belt Magazine?

Did you pay for, or reimburse Borkland for any of his expenses, such as hotel and airfare? How was he compensated for his expenses?

Did you know of Mr. Borkland prior to the BB article, and if so, for how long, and when did you first become aware of each other? What is your relationship w/him?

How many active Navy Seals are there in the US?

How many active Seals would you estimate went through SCARS?

How many active Seals would you estimate have had SCARS training?

When was the last time SCARS was taught to all SEALS?

How many active SCARS instructors do the SEALS currently have? How many did they have at its peak?

Are these SEAL instructors still teaching SCARS?

Why would SCARS be phased out by the SEALS if it's 100% realiable?

Was SCARS ever really classified, and if so why?

What brought about its de-classification?

In regards to course # K-431-0096, who specifically can I call to find out more about that course?

What are the couse numbers for the other 2 courses you taught?

Describe all 3 courses and what they entailed?

Describe in detail the "pilot" SCARS course from 1987 and how it was used by the SEALS?

Describe in detail the 30 day, 300 hr SCARS Instructor course that the SEALS had?

What was the 3rd course, in detail, and how was it used?

Is that all of the courses you taught the SEALS? If not, please describe the others?

If you're the only person who had official course numbers assigned to the 3 programs you came up with, what are your thoughts about others who also claim to teach the SEALS?

What's the phone number for the Naval Special Warfare Training Command in Coronado,CA ? Is this where SCARS training took place? Or is this the location that "makes decisions" on training programs? What locations was SCARS taught at, and what office makes those decisions?

Some people say SCARS was never taught to SEALS, only to BUDS, why do they say that?

Is David Landis, LCDR, USN, still the active head of US Navy Seal Training? If so, where can one reach him? If not, who is in that position now?

Can we get photocopies of the various forms of proof your staff says is available at your headquarters?

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