The Navy Seals & Unbeatable Fighting Systems!

We've all seen ads in our favorite martial arts magazines that say, "Buy my video tapes and learn my secret unbeatable fighting system". For some reason I can't help but laugh when I read most of these.

But even more disturbing, and no laughing matter, are the ones that try to add credibility to their "unbeatable" claim by implying , "We exclusively train the Navy Seals how to fight, and they wouldn't use a system that didn't work 100% of the time, order my secret stuff, it's what REALLY works".

Some even take it a step further by saying "If you're ever beaten in a fight using my system, I'll give you a 100% refund". Which brings up a question. Do I have to be the one that asks for the refund, or can my beneficiaries do so?

So how many people have really developed some secret fighting system that they teach to the Navy Seals? 4, 6, who knows? I don't know about you, but there seems to be quite a few people running around making that claim. My question is this, how many different fighting systems do the Navy Seals need if each is unbeatable? And what will happen if 2 of these unbeatable systems go up against each other? ;-)

To all you Seals out there, don't get me wrong, I REALLY ADMIRE what you guys do. I have the utmost respect for you. You're one of the most awesome branches of the military. And just so we're clear, this article isn't aimed at you. It's aimed at a couple of people, whose credentials we can't verify, that are placing ads in martial arts magazines, selling martial arts consumers instructional videos. We feel much of these "Seal instructors" success is based on their insinuation that the instruction offered on their videos is more-or-less the same type of training you guys received from them. There are several things about this that worries me. One of the main things being that these individuals are probably getting rich, using your highly respected name, to add credibility to claims which we can't seem to verify.

Personally, I think some of these guys are stretching the truth. Sure, they M-A-Y have taught a few Seals some kind of weekend seminar, or maybe the BUDS, but none of the guys making these claims give us ALL the details. Which of course leaves much of what they're trying to say in their ads shrouded in mystery and assumption. I think they like it that way. Many ads seem to imply that they are still current SEAL instructors, and not only do they still train THE SEALS, but THE SEALS use their fighting system exclusively under some kind of licensing agreement. What's even worse is it's impossible for us as consumers to uncover the truth, because several of these guys hide behind, and defend themself, with a "it's classified by the military" bullshit response! Where's "Hard Copy" or "20-20" when we need them to get us the real scoop?

Here's what I've heard. I've heard that only a small portion of Seal training consists of hand to hand combat. I've heard that most of their time is spent in physical training activities building physical endurance, team spirit, and a "never give up" attitude. This probably consists of caliestenics, swimming, running, etc. And there's a whole host of other things they have to learn too such as: delivery, recovery, stealth, infiltration, insertion, extraction, escape, evasion, breaching of doors and bulkheads, room and passage way clearance, handling or prisoners, intelligence, weaponry, communciations, recon, surveying, demolitions, terrorism, submerged ops, etc., I'm not going to list them all, but clearly they have "a full plate" of things to learn. The Seals appear to use hand to hand combat for primarily non lethal situations, so I doubt they get A TON of training in that. Some, but it's probably not a huge portion of their training. For lethal force they have their MP-5 submachine gun, the Sig Sauer pistol, and I'm sure most carry a knife.

If there really was an "unbeatable system", wouldn't we have heard about it somewhere else other than these full page ads used to sell, what I call "seal videos"? And why haven't the martial arts magazines done some responsible investigating into the claims these guys are making? Are advertising dollars more important to them than lives? What if someone loses their life in an encounter because they bought, used, and trusted one of these supposed "unbeatable systems"?

Surely, to get their "fighting system" approved by the Navy, these guys had to first demonstrate their system, in a realistic setting, to some pretty high up military personnel, right? I want to talk to these military personnel and hear the truth from the horses mouth. Oh I forgot, that's classified isn't it? Isn't that a convenient way to hide what we're all dying to know? I guess some of you can keep using that claim forever, or until you're so rich that the mound of cash you've been building, soothes the embarrassment of what you've been implying.

If it's so classified, how can these guys sell tapes on "it"? And if what they're selling isn't exactly "it", why would we want to buy anything less than "it"? How do we know "it" will really work? Are we just suppose to trust what they say? I don't know about you, but I'm very skeptical, to me, "Reading isn't believing, to hell with their ads, seeing is believing".

Come on you Navy Seal - Fighting System Originators, haven't you heard the expression: "Don't tell me, show me". Well, I'm waiting!

Here's what I personally think. These "secretive fighting systems" aren't "unbeatable" and they don't do what their ads claim. If they did, hundreds of civilians who bought these tapes, and ex-Seals who had this training, would be camped out at every NHB events doorstep, waiting with application in hand, to easily win a $50,000 purse. Then following each fight, we'd hear in the champions interview, him giving 100% of the credit for his victory to his Secret Seal Fighting System. Now why haven't we seen or heard this?

I wonder why these Seal Trainers don't do like the Gracies and prove their unbeatable system to the world by having their own version of the UFC? Heck if it's really 100% unbeatable, why don't we see them challenging the Gracies, or some other NHB competitor, and proving to us that their stuff is the best? By doing so they could run the Gracies, and every martial arts style and video company, out of business. They'd be the kings! Do they not see all the dollars they're sitting on by not doing this with their "unbeatable system"?

I'm going to do all of you Seal Trainers a big favor. Now I don't claim to be a genius, but I do have an idea for you that can help you guys sell more of your product than you ever dreamed of. All you guys need to do to REALLY SELL TAPES, which is what you've been trying to do to us with your $1000 per month full page ads in various martial arts magazines, is prove to us your stuff really works. Wasn't it the Gracies who offered at one time $100,000 if anyone could beat them? Why don't you "unbeatable" Seals Trainers put your money where your mouth is and do the same? Hey, if $100,000 is too much, I'm sure some NHB competitor out there would settle for less. Heck, start with $1000 by saving next month's magazine advertising dollars. Each month there after, based on new sales growth, you could increase that amount.

If your "unbeatable" people start winning these challenges, not only will it prove how good your system is, but it'll start to erase our doubts, and eventually put an end to our speculation once-and-for-all. And don't forget THE REAL BONUS by doing so, you'll sell more instructional videos to us than you ever dreamed of! Heck guys this could turn into the next WWF for you. I see tournaments, pay-per-view, t-shirts, posters, action figures, comics, cartoons, lunch boxes, various other merchandising and licensing agreements, basically a HUGE PILE OF MONEY in your future. All you have to do is show us that what you're saying is for real. Do you have the courage? what a minute, I've got a great idea for the rest of us too. Why don't we all buy one of these "unbeatable" tape series, watch it for 4-6 hours, which is how long one of them claims it will take to make ANYONE "unbeatable", then go enter an NHB tournament and quickly make $50,000. One of these ads implies you'll be UNBEATABLE in ANY FIGHT, and I'd classify an NHB event as a fight, wouldn't you? Heck, I think I'll get my mom, dad, brother, sister, wife, grandparents, newborn cousin, dog, everyone I know to apply to these events. One of these ads doesn't specify who their program will and won't work for, IT IMPLIES IT WILL WORK 100% OF THE TIME FOR ANYONE. So come on grandma let's go kick some butt and make 50K. In fact, since my relatives and myself can't be everywhere at once, I think I'll just become an NHB fight manager. If I can randomly pick 100 people of, ANY SIZE, AGE, SEX, OR CONDITION, and make them "100% unbeatable" with these tapes in only 4-6 hours, against any well trained behemoth, and have each person enter 2-3 NHB events per year, that's 300 events times $50,000, I get 10%, that's 1.5 million I could make per year. Where do I sign up? Heck that's probably more money than the people who sell these tapes make in a year. I wonder why they hadn't thought of that? Nah, on second thought they're probably making more money than that selling their "unbeatable" tapes to us!

Hold everything.....back up the train....I just realized something. We all need to sit down right now and send some of these Seal Trainers a letter of apology. We've all been so unappreciative for so long, I'm ashamed for all of us. These guys are offering the public one heck of an opportunity, and we've squandered it. I just can't believe none of us haven't noticed it. All it takes is 4-6 hours of training, and roughly a $350 investment in their videos, and with their "100% unbeatable" fighting system we're virtually guaranteed to win ANY FIGHT, which to me, any fight would again include the next big $50,000 NHB tournament. That's one of the best ROI's (return on investment) I've ever seen. To heck with stocks, mutual funds and 401K's. This is a freakin goldmine we're sitting on. These genius' have figured a way to beat Wall Street. And if you or your grandmother don't win, you can still get your $350 back. Personally, I don't think you'll ever have to ask for your money back, because if these guys say their system will make you 100% of the time "unbeatable" against anyone, in an honorable martial arts magazine, it's got to be true, right? No one in the martial arts community would ever s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth would they? But just in case things didn't go as planned, please keep in mind one thing, I don't think their refunds cover medical expenses or funeral arrangements! ;-)

In closing, I've personally sent emails to every one of these Navy Seal companies, that you see advertising instructional videos in various martial arts magazines. We've asked them to send us their video series, or just a tape to two, so we can review it, and let you know what we think.

Guess what? It's been over a year and I'm still waiting to hear back from EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Editors Note: The martial arts community has been asking us for over a year now "When are you going to do an indepth review of the SCAR'S series". Guess what? We don't know! We haven't had any luck getting a response back from Mr. Peterson. Maybe if our readers asked him for us, they'd have better luck. But before you try to contact Mr. Peterson, let me give you one word of advice, you may want to call him on the phone. Based on several email requests we sent him, it seems he may have a problem replying to certain types of emails! ;-)

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