Our list of reviews is getting long and will get longer. Some of you have asked if we could index all the various criteria on our reviews pages (company, author, art), so you can use these criteria to search by. We'll guess what? We're just simple martial artists that barely figured out how to create webpages, and we don't have any idea how to do that, and even if we did, it sounds pretty complicated. I'm not sure we'd want to do that and constantly have to update it. Several of us are already spending alot more time on this than we really want too. Don't get me wrong, all of us like doing this, it's just that it's grown into a monster, and takes up a lot of our time. I know I would rather be in the dojo, than scouring the internet for tape companies, writing reviews, returning countless emails, etc. I'm sure all of our reviewers feel the same way too.

In fact, if you want some of these extras, if you help us, we'll be glad to provide them. There's a long list of things I think would be ideal, and could really help the reviews project grow, that I'd like to start turning over to folks. Frankly, I'd like to spend more time on the mat instead of being in front of this computer 2-3 hrs every night. If you have an interest in helping us, click here.

Here's a way you can search for the criteria you're looking for. When you're in your web browser, and you want to search one of our pages, go to that page, press and hold down the "Control" key, and while holding it down, press the "F" key. This will allow you to search a page.

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