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As I've mentioned before in a couple of things I've written, we're getting about 4,000 visitors a month at our "Reviews" site. With that seems to come a ton of email every day. I make it a point to answer each and every one of them, no matter how long it takes each night. However a lot of our email has recently become very repetitive. The most popular question we get asked is: "Why haven't you done any reviews on _________ ?" All we can say is that it seems some companies don't have an interest in supporting this project, and that's fine with us, it's their choice. However many of you don't get that answer, so the same questions keep coming in, many times about the same company, over-and-over again. I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I've sent out the same email about certain specific companies. Please, before you email us, look at our list of Clubs and Contributors that have supported this project. And even though it seems we've given everyone a STRONG HINT on how to figure out whose supported this project, that doesn't seem to be enough, the same emails keep pouring in asking about the status of certain companies and martial artists. Therefore, in an effort to help cut down on these repetitive emails, and our repetitive responses, I guess we'll have to make things a little clearer.

Some companies have done an outstanding job of helping us provide you, their martial arts consumers, unbiased information about their video products. Others haven't provided the level of support we'd hoped for. And some either ignored us all together, or said not interested. So here's a list of whose done what.

These companies initially contributed, stopped for some reason, we then asked them if they would please send us more tapes, they haven't sent us any, or given us a clear explanation as to why they haven't. Thus, companies we'd hoped for a higher level of support from:

1. Unique
2. Paul Vunak - PFS Video
3. Danny Lane

The following are companies that we attempted to contact, and not only never sent us any videos, but never responded back to our requests about participating in, and contributing to this project:

1. Black Belt Video
3. Gracie Academy
4. SCAR's
5. Lew Hicks
6. Bill Shaw
7. Craig Kukuk
8. Larry Tatum
9. Siu Lum Chi - Black Belt By Mail
10. Gary Alexander
11. Richard Van Donk's Ninjitsu - Black Belt By Mail
12. Raw Team
13. John Pelligrini - Combat Hapkido
14. Walt Bayless
15. Submission Wrestling
16. IKCA - Kenpo Black Belt By Mail
17. Joe Lewis
18. RVF Productions - Rick Fowler Kenpo
19. Team Submission
20. Renzo Gracie/Kukuk
21. Ultimate Imports/Carlson Gracie Jr.
22. Rick Moneymaker
23. Tracy Kenpo
24. Kenpo Connection Corp.
26. UKKA - Dave Harris
27. Combative Arts Mgmt. - Ralph/Cesar Gracie
28. JS Benko - Int'l TKD Assoc.
29. Alan Dollar
30. Tiger and Dragon Kenpo
32. Michael DePasquale
33. Vladimir Vasiliev - although TRS has sent us some of his tapes, Vasiliev has numerous others he's done on his own, and he hasn't responded to any of our emails.
34. GW Enterprises
35. SEG Entertainment/they have a set of UFC Training & Technique Tapes
36. Wrestler Killer/A&S Productions
37. Rio Sport
38. Villari's Shaolin Kenpo
39. White Tiger Productions
40. American Kenpo/Lamkin Productions
41. IMAF/Remy Presas - Boxergenics did send us one of his videos, but we emailed Mr. Presas' organization on several occassions and received no response.
42. Cool Rain Productions
43. Taebo/Billy Blanks
44. Master Tsai/Cable Infomercial
45. Jhoon Rhee
46. John Kary's - American Combatives
47. Johnson-Smith Company (Fl.)
48. Tommy Royce

The following are companies that responded back and made it VERY clear they didn't want to send us any videos, and thus, declined actively supporting this project:

1. Black & Blue
2. T&C Media
3. American Academy for Russian Martial Art and Combat Skill, Inc.
4. Niltiak Multimedia Systems

The following companies we made no attempt to contact. We already have quite a few of their videos, and later on, we will be doing extensive reviews on them:

1. John LaTourette
2. Gary Dill

Editors note: As additional companies are contacted, you'll see the results of our efforts to work with them posted here. In the meantime, please refrain from sending us emails asking us about companies listed at this page, our Clubs page, and our Contributors page. If however you don't see a name mentioned on any of those 3 pages, please email us with their website URL, email address, fax number, or 800 number. We'll gladly get them a message about this project, and let you know about their response.

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