Submitting Tapes

You know what really makes my day? Going to my PO BOX, opening it up, and seeing a box of video tapes I wasn't expecting. Nothing is more exciting.

There's a bunch of reasons why an individual or company would want to submit tapes for our reviews. Here are a few of my favorite:

1. To separate yourself from lots of the crappy tapes and companies out there
2. Free advertising for your product
3. More sales of your product
4. Provides martial arts consumers additional unbiased information about your product.
5. Shows the confidence you have in your product by having others review it
6. If you don't offer a money back guarantee, our reviews can help reduce consumer dissatisfaction, by preventing a purchase they may be unhappy with.
7. Helps make others aware of you and your art
8. Shows the martial arts community that you care about making sure the industry provides high quality product to its consumers

I'm sure there are other reasons I've missed. However, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

My hope is that we can get some companies who haven't yet participated, to do so.

To submit tapes to our review staff, please send them to:

Martial Arts Video Reviews
8901 Vantage Point Dr. # 1720
Dallas, TX 75243

Thank you.

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