Company: Blauer Tactical
Tape Name: Range Rover
Tape Cost: $45.00
Length of Tape/Time: 54 minutes
Number of Moves/Techniques: Concept Video
Return Policy: Conditional Refund Policy ( See web site )
Experiences in dealing with this company: 3 -4 week delivery time
The Instructor: Tony Blauer
Company's Address: PO Box 278,Westmount, Quebec, Canada, H322V5
Company's Phone Number: 514-482-1643
Web Page:

Primary Grading Criteria:

1. Production/Tape Quality: 9
2. Instructors demonstrated skill level: 10
3. Comprehension Score/Immediate Understanding: 10
4. Degree to which this will make someone a better Martial Artist: 10
5. Score on delivery vs hype: 10
6. Degree to which we would recommend this product: 10
7. Wasted Time ( The higher the number, the less " fluff" /repetition ): 9
8. Playback Score/Watching if over-and-over again: 10
9. Would I purchase more of this company's products:10
10. Overall grade based on cost vs. Value: 10

Grand Total: 98 % ( Excellent = 4.5 Stars )

Secondary Grading Criteria:

1. Beginners benefit: Excellent
2. Intermediate benefit: Excellent
3. Advanced benefit: Excellent
4. Time to benefit: Immediate
5. The need to buy additional tapes to understand this one: None

Written Summary:

Before I begin this review, I want to say something right up front. If you are an instructor in ANY martial art style or system and you are claiming to teach self defense, then you need to have this video. You owe it to your students and to yourself to implement the training drills on this video to make you and your students street effective.

Basically, the material on this tape is a series of variations on a drill that Mr. Blauer calls the Range Rover. There are four different applications of this drill shown on the video but it is very clear that a creative person could devise more off of the basic format that is demonstrated on the tape. The benefits that a person can derive from this particular training drill is learning true spontaneity and creativity in a fighting situation, learning to "take what you see", learning one's limitations (and thus learning where one needs to improve), decreasing telegraphic tendencies, and at the higher level of the drill, learning to deal with pain management if the participants elect to "step it up" a little bit. And there are probably a dozen other things I haven't even thought of yet. This video is incredible if you'll open your mind to what Mr. Blauer is trying to teach. Of course, while the material is probably very "instructor" oriented, the individual martial artist with committed training partners could achieve all the benefits listed above as well, just from basement or garage type training. Once again, Tony Blauer hits one over the fence with this video. Recommended for everyone


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