Top 10+ Favorite Martial Arts Video Instructors

One of the most common questions we get asked is "Which videos and instructors are our favorites." So here's my latest update, based on over 350 reviews we've done so far.

1. David James (1-2-3 HIT, single H2H titles from James website, ESPY-TV's "Vee Arnis Jitsu")
2. Paul Vunak (TRS/Street Safe # 1)
3. John Geyston (Complete Fighter and PKJI Rank Requirements)
4. Nick Cerio (ESPY-TV)
5. Scott Rogers (Panther/12 Shots to Escape Any Street Fight)
6. Abel Villareal (terrorism tape, but one of the best on weapons disarms)
7. Moses Powell (ESPY-TV)
8. Tony Blauer (his reality based training tapes)
9. George Kirby (great Jujitsu series with Panther)
10. Alain Burrese (Hapkido Hoshinsul...great joint locks)
11. Nicholas Starks (Paladin...all of his tapes)
12. Tony Lopez (Panther/Sambo...great leg locks and illegal techniques)
13. Eric Paulson (Killer Leg Locks 1&2)
14. Claudio Franco (Brazilian Jujitsu)
15. Marco Lala (endless number of techniques on many of his videos)
16. Kelly McCann (Paladin/Situational Self-Offense)
17. Tim Bulot ("Grafting" series is fantastic)
18. Keith Schwartz (Panther/Judo)
19. Robert Liedke (Panther/Combat Aikido)
20. Keith Yates (AKATO/Complete Forms of TKD)
21. Peyton Quinn (Paladin - realistic and conceptual training)
22. Marc MacYoung (Paladin - realistic and conceptual training)
23. James Keating (great Joint Lock video and superb Knife Fighting)
24. The Dog Brothers (real stickfighting...and I do mean REAL)
25. Kelly Worden

Honorable Mention

Hock Hochheim, JR West, Mario Sperry, Matt Thornton, Roy Harris, Walt Bayless, Rick Tucci, Jim West, Tony Cecchine, Pedro Carvalho, Mark Hatmaker (might move up if we see more of his stuff)

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