Company: Boxergenics
Tape Name: Women's Awareness Response (WAR) Vol 1
Cost: $39.95
Length of Tape/Time: 30 minutes
Number of Moves/Techniques: Concepts
Return Policy: ?
Experiences in dealing with this company: Excellent
The Instructor: Irwin Carmichael
Company's Address: 335 Billingsley Rd., Charlotte, NC, 28211
Company's Phone Number: 1-800-774-6284
Web Page:

Primary Grading Criteria:

1. Production/Tape Quality: 10
2. Instructors demonstrated skill level: 8
3. Comprehension Score/Immediate Understanding: 10
4. Degree to which this will make someone a better Martial Artist: 10
5. Score on delivery vs hype: 10
6. Degree to which we would recommend this product: 10
7. Wasted Time ( The higher the number, the less " fluff" /repetition ): 9
8. Playback Score/Watching if over-and-over again: 9
9. Would I purchase more of this company's products:10
10. Overall grade based on cost vs. Value: 9

Grand Total: 96% ( Excellent = 4 Stars )

Secondary Grading Criteria:

1. Beginners benefit: Excellent
2. Intermediate benefit: Excellent
3. Advanced benefit: Excellent
4. Time to benefit: Immediate
5. The need to buy additional tapes to understand this one: None

Written Summary:

When I popped this tape in my VCR, the first thing I thought was: "Another rape awareness tape, I don't know if I can do another of these right now!" (Sometimes it's hard to watch and grade 2 tapes of similiar topics, back to back, especially when it's a subject you're not real interested in) Well guess what? It was a fantastic tape! This is a whole lot more than a rape tape, and it's title "Women's Awareness Response", is somewhat inadequate for what all it covers, in my opinion. Not only would this tape be good for women, but in my opinion, it would be good for kids and men too! It's basically a concept tape about all types of crime.

Irwin Carmichael, the video instructor, is a Shorinji Kempo Black Belt, and I believe I read somewhere that he's a 3rd dan. Anyway, he's a county sheriff's deputy in North Carolina, and has been in law enforcement since 1986. The reason I say all that is here's a guy that can not only bring his martial arts perspective to this sort of topic, but his law enforcement experience too. OK, so his credentials are impressive, what about the content of the tape?

The video is basically the taping of a seminar Mr. Carmichael did. The video starts out flashing various crimes statistics, and how often each type of crime happens nationally. After this, Carmichael goes right into his seminar, which is done in a lecture type format, and is a real wake up call for all ages and sexes, about violent crimes.

In the video he compares the average criminals mindset to that of a lions. He says: A lion doesn't chase the strongest, fastest, and most physically fit prey, they go after the slowest, weakest, and least fit, just like most criminals. Carmichael gives tons of actual examples, based on police interrogations and confessions, of the criminals mind, and why they pick certain people and leave others alone. This information, to me, was like having someone throw cold water in my face. He goes over why certain people are attacked, how to walk and react so you're less likely to be a victim, and how your best weapon is one people panic and forget to use, their brain.

What's really interesting are the actual stories Carmichael shares, such as:

1. A man robbed a liquor store while on a drug called "ice". When he came out of the store, police were waiting for him. He pointed his gun at officers, they fired, and it took (33) 9mm pistol shots, above the waist, plus 3 shotgun blasts, to bring the guy down. Then he proceeded to flash a pathology photo of the guys body, on an overhead, that showed all the bullet holes. A little graphic, but hey, it added to the validity of the story. The guy's body looked like swiss cheese. For me, that only reinforced my opinion about systems like SCARS, that say you can count on peoples bodies responding predictably 100% of the time to certain things (Yeah, right!)

Next, Carmichael discusses the importance of Crime Scence A vs. B. He stresses how most people will agree with a criminal when they say: "Get in the car, and I won't hurt you". Then he reminds people that these are criminals, and what's to prevent them from being liars too. According to Carmichael, the first place of attack is called Crime Scene A. Crime Scene B is the next place the attacker takes you, and the one where most people end up getting killed. Carmichael basically says: "You have a better chance of surviving, if when someone asks you to go with them, you fight and resist at Crime Scene A. If you go to Crime Scene B, there's a very good chance you won't be coming back from it".

2. Ted Bundy - Was another topic discussed that was quite interesting. Out of all the people this serial killer attacked and murdered, one survived, and it was the only one, out of all of them, who tried to fight back! The story of how Bundy met, lured, and was able to get his victims from Crime Scene A to Crime Scene B, is worth the whole price of the tape. It reminded me of an old saying: "Trust no one in public!", especially those that ask for help!

3. Jeffrey Dahmer - Once again, another serial killer who had one survivor, and the one who survived, out of all of them, also fought back!

And there are other stories, such as having someone run into the bumper of your wifes car late at night, only to get her to pull over and attack her. Carmichael discusses other things such as transporting "death row" killers to prison, and asking them how they committed their crimes, why they picked certain people, and what would make them not attack certain ones, etc. Priceless information!

One of the most important things Mr. Carmichael tells, is what one should do if they feel they're being followed by someone, and how if they do what Carmichael says, there's a good chance that most attackers will run away! Mr. Carmichael also discusses common sense things such as where to park ones car, how to walk, etc.

This was an extremely informative tape, and while taking notes, it was tough keeping up with Carmichael. He's a very fast talker, on-stage he uses audience members for demonstrations, and he has a gift of keeping things moving and intersting so they're not slow or boring. In addtion, he's got a very charming nature, and is quite charismatic. All in all he's an excellent public speaker, and the best I've seen so far on this topic! In fact he may be the "king" on this topic.

This video is one that even if you as a martial artist don't want it, you should think seriously about getting for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. Me, I know I'll be watching it again, and my wife, who sometimes goes to the store at night by herself (and won't listen to me), needs to sit down and watch this! Again, this tape is 100% concepts and information done from a platform. It's not technique oriented, which is what's suppose to be on Vol. 2. One of the most important things Carmichael points out is that a persons brain is their best weapon, and nowhere does that come through more clear than on this tape. If a person used their brain well, as Carmichael suggests, they will likely lower their odds of being a victim, and not have to rely strictly on technique. Congratulations Mr. Carmichael, you did an excellent job, and this is an excellent tape!

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